While administrative, financial and billing related issues may not be your forte, it is ours. Passionate about individual practice management, Medi Practice can take the burden of admin, billing and financial profits off your hands so you can focus on providing excellent health care for your patients.

Medi Practice is comprised of a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are experts in such fields as medical billing, insurance billing and reimbursement, and accounts receivable collection. Medi Practice provides comprehensive and fully integrated solutions for the financial, administrative and management challenges faced by medical providers and facilities, tailored to the needs of each client.


By outsourcing the administrative, claims, payments and billing processes to Medi Practice, you will not only be able to redirect your staff resources to their core responsibilities and increase the profitability of your practice but ensure that your goal to provide comprehensive personalised patient care, is met.

The number of accepted claims and payments will generally increase, which will result in higher revenue with less administrative hassle.

Medi Practice will ensure:

  • You save on resources
  • Enhance your patient care
  • Efficient & swift resolution of claims
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced profitability of your practice