Medi Practice is a Medical Billing Services Company located in Paarl, Western Cape, comprised of a team of experienced professionals who are experts in such fields as medical billing, insurance billing and reimbursement, and accounts receivable collection. Medi Practice provides comprehensive and fully integrated solutions for the financial, administrative and management challenges faced by medical providers and facilities, tailored to the needs of each client.

Passionate about individual practice management, Medi Practice has become experienced in providing practice management solutions and medical billing services for a range of medical professionals in South Africa, as well as neighbouring countries.

With Medi Practice’s expertise, technological advances and associations with medical practice management organisations such as Med–e–Mass, Spesnet, GoodX, Mediswitch, Medprax and VeriClaim, we have the resources and capability to enhance and streamline the processing of your medical practice.

We aim to streamline your medical practice by:

  • Allowing you more time to focus on your patients
  • Streamlining the administrative tasks of the practice
  • Improving the cash flow of your practice
  • Enhancing profitability
  • Reduce overheads by making your practice less staff reliant
  • Efficiently processing claims and payments
  • Providing customised reporting on financial affairs of the business

In order to optimise your medical practice’s income and reduce the risks of profit loss, we offer practice management assessments to determine exactly what we can do to aid your processing and enhance your practice. From staff productivity evaluations, practice flow and processing to account efficiencies – Medi Practice can assess the areas of your practice that may be optimised through our services.

Knowing that each medical practice is unique, we offer customised solutions to fit the needs of each medical professional and their practice. For personalised, smart and effective solutions, feel free to contact Medi Practice.