What do we do?

Medi Practice offers business consulting on the billing affairs of your medical practice in terms of the state of affairs of debtors, profits, and cash flow. In addition to streamlining of the medical billing process we provide our clients with statistical analysis and reporting on their revenue and billing turnover, as well as advice on medical aid & tariff structure of the practice.

How is outsourcing beneficial?

We offer business consulting on billing, profitability, cash flow, medical tariffs and medical aid claim related matters of the practice so that you and your staff can focus on what you do best and attend to your patients, while the administrative issues are left to us.

How do we do it?

While consulting on these matters, we offer billing solutions for medical practices to lessen the burden of claiming, payments and debtors on you and your staff. In addition, Medi Practice offers a range of appointment management services to streamline bookings and appointments, server hosting of patient details and medical data and practice software installation to enhance the practice’s digital system including training and support in these systems.

Medi Practice is proudly associated with the following organisations to enhance and streamline the processing of your medical practice:

  • Med–e–Mass – focusing on health care IT and eCommerce business solutions allows us to improve cashflow and enhance productivity
  • Spesnet – provides Medi Practice with the technology to aid operations of the health care practice such as medical indexing of codes, patient informed consent, legal forms, contracts and policies as well as outstanding payments and PMB (prescribed minimum benefit) claim management from medical aids
  • GoodX Medical Practice Management Software – provide us with the software to manage practice accounting, profitability, billing and financial reporting
  • Mediswitch – as leaders in electronic transactions within the healthcare sector, we are able to manage electronic transactions between medical aid schemes and the medical professionals
  • Medprax – By obtaining the latest medicine and material prices from pharmaceutical companies and the department of health on a daily basis, this company ensures that their data remains current
  • Omni Accounts – with the use of Omni Accounts accounting software, we provide medical professionals with comprehensive profit and loss statements
  • VeriClaim – with comprehensive management and clinical notes software, VeriClaim enables us to cater for the unique administrative demands of medical professionals

What can I expect?

  • Increased practice productivity
  • Attentive patient management
  • Comprehensive feedback on profitability of the business
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Swift claim resolution
  • Suggestions on how to improve revenue
  • Statistical analysis and reporting