What do we do?

As part of our services, we provide medical practices with calendar and appointment management software, which is integrated with billing software, to ensure the processing of your practice is as smooth as possible. With the assistance of a dedicated receptionist with a separate contact number, the process towards managing appointments and responding to queries may be optimised to maintain the value of your time. In instances where your practice is closed, Medi Practice can offer a telephone line for out of office responses.

How is outsourcing beneficial?

By outsourcing the hassle of booking and appointment making, you free up the time of your valuable staff to provide comprehensive patient care in your practice. With advanced software, our booking calendar will ensure appointments are filled and prevent missed appointments due to error and miscommunication. If new patients are required to bring along important information, your dedicated administrative manager can ensure this is communicated clearly when bookings are made.

Not only will appointment changes and cancellations no longer be your responsibility, but the data gathered using our advanced software can enable us to provide detailed reports on patient’s appointment history as well as give suggestions on how to improve revenue and marketing. With patient information synchronised to your diary, you will also be able to manage external communications with medical aids and hospital consultants easily. With a sleek diary, you will not only be able to plan your day, but view your patient’s details, notes and prescriptions made, with ease

How do we do it?

With real-time bookings, improved customer service and communication, your staff can be left to handle in-practice patients as they attend their appointments without being stuck on the phone. In turn, your patients will be more satisfied with their courteous and professional assistance when visiting your practice as well as when contacting your practice regarding appointment and billing issues.