What do we do?

Medi Practice offers practice management related services including company registration, shareholder and director related tasks, evaluation, selection and installation of suitable software to streamline practice processes and support and training in this software. From organising medical aid codes, billing and tariffs to submitting successful claims, Medi Practice aims to manage various practice processes so you don’t have to.

How is outsourcing beneficial?

We offer practice management so that you can focus on providing excellent health care to your patients without the hassle of paperwork that comes with it. By streamlining how your patients make their appointments, how they receive necessary quotes and how you manage your cash and stock, Medi Practice has the expertise in customising solutions for your specific field.

How do we do it?

While consulting on these matters, we offer a dedicated account manager to control medical billing, client data and control stock. Beyond this, we also aid in medical aid and tariff structuring to optimise your profits and how you go about receiving medical aid payments and cash flow. With dedicated follow-up callers, Medi Practice offers credit control solutions to follow-up on outstanding payments from both medical aids and individual patients. Not only will this increase cash flow but your staff will be left with less time on the phone, attempting to keep track of outstanding credits and more time to focus on patient care.

Medi Practice makes use of the software and technological processes to aid electronic transactions within the healthcare sector, medical indexing of codes, patient informed consent, legal forms, contracts and policies as well as outstanding payments and PMB (prescribed minimum benefit) claim management from medical aids. In addition we provide comprehensive management of clinical notes software and patient data-hosting.

What can I expect?

  • Increased productivity of your staff
  • Attentive patient management and liaising by dedicated administrative staff
  • Credit control with dedicated callers for follow-ups
  • Comprehensive claim submission and speedy claim resolution
  • Streamlined appointment bookings and administration