Medi Practice can take the burden of admin, billing and financial profits off your hands so you can focus on what you’re passionate about, providing excellent health care for your patients.

By outsourcing the administrative, claims, payments and billing processes to Medi Practice, you will not only be able to redirect your staff resources to their core responsibilities and increase the profitability of your practice, but ensure that your goal to provide comprehensive personalised patient care, is met.

While you provide excellent health care for your patients, we take care of the administrative and billing related issues that come with owning your own practice. Medi Practice's medical billing service will handle all your claims and patient billing support. With our expertise in personalised solutions across multidisciplinary medical fields and our advanced software, we qualify as the top service provider for your outsourced medical administrative and billing needs.

Medi Practice will ensure:

  • You save on resources
  • Enhance your patient care
  • Efficient & swift resolution of claims
  • Increased productivity of your staff
  • Reduced bad debt
  • Reduced rejected claims
  • Advanced technological software and resources
  • Enhanced profitability of your practice

What do we offer?

We offer a range of medical practice solutions such as:

  • Business consulting solutions
  • Management of debtors, profits and cash flow within the practice
  • Streamlining of the medical billing process with the use of advanced software
  • Statistical analysis and reporting on revenue and billing turnover
  • Medical aid & tariff structure optimisation
  • Practice management in terms of claim capturing
  • Company registration, shareholder and director management
  • Medical software evaluation, selection and installation
  • Training and support in software
  • Server and cloud based data-hosting
  • Cash and stock control
  • Management of medical billing and credit control with experienced account managers
  • Client services managing
  • Calendar management using the billing software of choice
  • Calendar management using Google Calendar
  • Dedicated receptionist for customer care
  • Booking route optimisation
  • Quotations
  • Patient detail verification and claim capturing
  • Electronic & manual processing of medical claims
  • Rejection management as well as comprehensive feedback on the non-paid
  • Detailed billing reporting
  • Retroactive and proactive follow–up of payments